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“Consumed To Death” EP download (BCDL003):

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2011 US Tour 7” EP (BC1) SOLD OUT (Limited Press of 1000):

There are a few bands that immediately come to mind when one ponders the origins of crust.  AMEBIX are to crust what BLACK SABBATH is to heavy metal.  From there genres were born and many bands tried their hands at participating.  Some were good, many were not and a few went on to become legends in their own rite. With that DOOM helped solidify the genre and will always been synonymous with the term Crust Punk.

It's been 10 years since the last DOOM release, 'World of Shit' and damn is it great to spinning this record and writing this review.  DOOM has returned with the very respectable lineup of Stick on drums, Bri on guitar, Scoot (also of ALEHAMMER and EXTINCTION OF MANKIND) on bass and Denis on vocals.  Denis does a great job of delivering the gruff, guttural shout that any DOOM vocalist must maintain.

Although it was very cool, 'World of Shit' wasn't my favorite DOOM album, their sound was tightened up and didn't seem as spontaneous as much of their earlier stuff.  They seem to have recaptured much of the early manic thrash sound with this limited edition tour 7" reviving their DISCHARGE inspired, slightly metal influenced, dark, thick, thrashing crust sound.

The first side is home to the track 'Reasonable Force' which may have been one of the last songs deceased vocalist Wayne Southworth penned for the band.  The lyrics of this track warn of Big Brother and the rising police state, very fitting subject matter considering London has more cameras on it's citizens than any other city in the world (or so I once read).  Side two fills in with two more tracks that are unmistakably DOOM and hurl insults at greedy bankers and the corporate elite.

All in the crust legends deliver 4 songs on purple-marbled vinyl and the cover art is an ACCUSED style drawing of the DOOM dreadlocked with the padlock mascot guy slitting the throat of an oil baron with blood squirting out all over the place!”

Repress 12” (BC12”1a) with 2 extra tracks (Cover Versions):

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