April 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all gigs have been cancelled/postponed until later in the year or 2021.

Stay safe, listen to the experts and STAY THE FUCK AT HOME

December 2019

Last gig of 2019. Fuck the Tories & support the 1in12 Club:

August 2019

Unfortunately due to newly introduced Russian visa rules/restrictions (biometrics, tax returns etc etc) it has made it too difficult for us to come over and play as we had planned.

We’re sorry about this but blame the Russian authorities @

July 2019

Chaos Control have just re-released “Re-Viled” which is essentially “Fuck Peaceville” but looks different...

Official release date is July 12th.

You can order it HERE

Also our old friend at Flat Earth Records has just made everything available on Bandcamp...

All proceeds will go to help out the world infamous 1in12 Club, which is facing financial problems thanks to FCB (Feeble Capitalist Bastards), so please pay as much as you can afford to help em out!

Back at it in October with a tour of Holland with Neuroot...

March 2019

Been a slow start to 2019, but we kicked it off at Frost Punx Picnic in Germany. Next month we play London on April 19th for ‘South London Scum’& then as part of the “Manchester Punk Festival” the day after on April 20th... (Tickets)

There’s also plans in the pipeline for various compilations including a benefit release for Sea Shepherd.

Lots of shit going down in the world at the mo.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

April 2018

March 2018

Back to the motherland, Sweden this month with our friends INFEST, WOLFBRIGADE & many other great bands...

February 2018

Next up....Leeds Temple of Boom with DISCHARGE

October 2017

Life in peace. Governed by love.

September 2017

This just happened...


March 2017



November 2016

Split EP with ELECTROZOMBIES out the pressing plant!

Also just announced...

Click for more info

August 2016

Summertime at camp DOOM. Slowly but surely getting closer to organising the split release with Electro Zombies...then our last Festival of the year “Common Ground”

June 2016

Pretty hectic 1st 1/2 to 2016 for us having completed our Euro tour in March April, SWR fest in Portugal, our friend Nick’s leaving do in London & MDF. However we had to cancel some gigs for the first time; Scotland due to illness & France due to bad organisation.

Tomorrow we head to K-Town for the first time, followed by DIY in Poland & Punks Against Cancer in Derby. Later Common Ground & Leeds with our friends INFEST!

Also in the pipeline are split releases with Electro Zombies & Warcollapse.

February 2016

The “Consumed To Death/US Tour 2011” ep CD is now available from here:



January 2016

The 1st few gigs of the year happened last weekend & what a great few days we had in the Canary Islands. Hospitality unsurpassed.

We will soon be receiving the CD pressings of the new ep which will also include the US Tour ep from 2011 as well as some extra tracks from various compilations.

Plenty of things happening this year, watch this space & check the facebook page.

December 2015

Happy WINTER SOLSTICE to everyone!

The “Consumed To Death” ep Vinyl has arrived... Gatefold cover in either black or red vinyl. It will soon be available from the shop.

November 2015

Test pressings for the vinyl version of the new “Consumed to Death” EP should be with us soon. The cover artwork is complete, so this should hopefully be available soon!

At the end of this month we play the Sacrilege “Behind The Realms of Madness” 30 year re-release party in Brum.

September 2015

The Chile Benefit gig was a great success. A huge thanks to all the bands who played, everyone who gave their time to enable the event to take place & most of all to all those who came, supported and gave so generously.

We are now working to distribute the money to those affected in a fair and honest way.

August 2015

“Consumed To Death” EP available for download ABOVE ^^^

Slight line-up change to the Chile Benefit gig, with Parasit being replaced with...


Tickets available here:


July 2015

“Consumed To Death” EP is now being mastered, then onto designing the cover & sending off to be pressed. Watch this space & facebook for details.

Tickets for the Chile Benefit @ The 1in12 Club will be on sale on August 1st at noon.


Should be a great weekend for a good cause.

June 2015

We will soon be recording the vocals for our new ep “Consumed to Death”. This will be available on vinyl and digital download. The proceeds from the digital download will go towards helping the victim’s families of those affected by the tragedy in Chile

April 2015

We are still waiting for an "Official" fund to be set up in Chile so that all our contributions & donations reach the affected families in a FAIR AND HONEST WAY.

People are wanting to contribute financially, so we are going to accept donations until we can pass this money onto the relative fund/organisation.

All donations must be marked CHILE DONATION via PayPal to

IMPORTANT: label payments as CHILE DONATION and please pay in GB Pounds.

Thank you

DOOM: Official Statement 25/4/15

The concert in Santiago, Chile on April 16th was booked as part of our promotional tour of South America by “Rebel Music”.
From the beginning it was a wish of ours to play in Chile as we have good friends there in the band “Electro Zombies”.
Unfortunately from the beginning of the planning stages the Chile date proved to be the most difficult. Fernando Magno at “Lafiskalia” was the 3rd local promoter to be involved in booking our gig there. The first promoter, we discovered, had some questionable politics that we didn’t agree with & the 2nd promoter simply vanished. “Rebel Music” told us that “Lafiskalia” had booked many successful concerts & tours for visiting bands, and our friends from Electro Zombies also confirmed his good reputation as a well-organised, professional promoter. He had also promoted the concert very well as far as we were aware, so we really felt like Fernando & “Lafiskialia” really had stepped up to the plate because of his strong commitment to the Punk Scene in Chile. When we spoke with Electro Zombies & the people who had entered the concert we were under the impression the it was also a fair door price & It seemed that without Fernando no one else would’ve made the commitment for us to play in Chile.
When we arrived at Santiago airport we were greeted on time and were provided with comfortable transportation to the hotel Fernando had booked & he met us there. He then escorted us to a local restaurant and paid for our meals, taking extra care with our specific dietary requirements. We were then taken back to the hotel, which after travelling 1000’s of miles from Colombia, Peru & Brazil with very little sleep was greatly appreciated.
When we arrived at the venue we were very impressed with the preparation Fernando had done with the stage backdrop featuring the artwork from the concert, projection screens with our logo and providing a full vegan buffet (the best one on tour) for us in the back stage room as well as plenty of drinks & refreshments.
When the concert was underway it was obvious to us that it was not at all over crowded & there was still plenty of room.
We are devastated by the tragedy that occurred at this concert, but as far as we are aware this was caused by the people who forced their way into the venue using violence because they were refusing to pay an entrance fee. We feel the deaths and injuries that occurred are a direct result of these people’s selfish, thoughtless actions. We stand in solidarity with Fernando, Lafiskalia, Electro Zombies, Dentro De Nada, Rebel Music, the audience who attended the concert legitimately & most importantly the victims & the victims families & friends.
We are making arrangements to raise money in many ways for the victims & their families and Rebel Music will also be selling tour T-Shirts with all proceeds to be donated.

DOOM: Official Statement 22/04/2015

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support & positive messages that we have received from all over the world. It is extremely humbling to receive such heartfelt love & support, from not only our friends & families, but also people we have never met; including the family & friends of those tragically killed or injured in Santiago. This is the true spirit of the DIY Punk Community/ethos that we love & that inspires us to do what we do.
We will continue to work with the friends & families of those killed & injured to try to help as much as we can. This is the focus, not defending our reputation against those who will use any situation to attack us and make despicable accusations & lies about us.
The victims & their families in this tragedy deserve as much help financially as we can help with, so we will be setting up various ways of fundraising, including a benefit download release of our new EP when it is finished. We are in contact with people in Chile & want to ensure that any money donated by the band or our fans will be distributed to the relevant people. If anyone can help with this, please contact us, it would be greatly appreciated. DOOM

DOOM Official Statement, 17/04/15

As a band & as individuals we are deeply shocked, saddened & distressed at the news that some of our fans lost their lives or were seriously injured due to the events that took place outside the venue in Santiago. This tragedy happened without our knowledge & was completely out of our control.
The first we heard of this incident was when we were told to leave the stage after a few songs & taken back to our hotel. Only then did we receive trickles of information about the severity of this tragedy.
We are in South America on a promotional tour & our gigs are usually very lively but always have a friendly & a party atmosphere.
We had assurances that the promoter had in place sufficient security & safety measures. As this was our first time in Chile and we were unaware that such a thing could happen with such a devastating outcome.
We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to the families & friends of those who lost their lives or those who were seriously injured.

March 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE: our online shop is temporarily closed. Please do not order until further notice. If you have ordered anything in the last couple of days please be prepared for a short delay. Thank you.

December 2014

See you in 2015! Cheers!

October 2014

So “Corrupt Fucking System has now been officially released in America & Europe thanks to our friends at Dogma Destroyer & Agipunk.

We also played some great gigs in the U.S. last month in New York & Philadelphia, thanks to Greg & Dan etc.

Next up are some more writing sessions next week, some scandinavian gigs next month & a tour of South America next year.

To stay up-to-date check out our Facebook page.

July 2014

So, summer is here. And for us this means we might get down to writing some new songs. We plan an EP and a possible collaboration with some old friends...again, watch this space!

The American press of “Corrupt Fucking System” is imminent...

& the Euro press is already out...

Both these pressing have slightly different covers/packages to the UK Pressing.

Check out the Gigs page for info on our next the U.S.

May 2014

“Corrupt Fucking System” is soon to be released under license in South America/U.S. (Dogma Destroyer Records) & Europe (Agipunk Records).

Watch this space.

Also we would like to thank everyone who gave generously to download the Police Bastard ep on our Bandcamp page. This enabled Luis Alberto Velasquez Molina to be let out of prison and be under “House Arrest”. Here is a message from his friends...

    “guys he's out. here is a photo i took of Luis right after he got     out of bellavista prison, writing at the bottom of the final draft of my article:

“I am Luis Alberto Velasquez Molina and I am innocent. Thank you to all the people around the world for helping me with your signatures and to DOOM, Jake, the Doctor Marialena, Doctor Muñoz and all the energy of punks of the world.”

that article you can read here:

thanks for all the help guys"

April 2014

Cheers to everyone in Russia who supported us. Great atmosphere at both Moscow & Saint Petersburg.

We have just uploaded the compilation “Doomed Again” onto our bandcamp page. Previously only available on vinyl from Agipunk Records.

Please click on the link above.

March 2014

...We have recovered from our SE Asian/Japan/Australia tour...Just.

Next is Russia...

We would also like to thank everyone who donated for the Police Bastard download on our band camp page. In total you/we raised £195.00 for Luís Alberto Velásquez Molina.

Here is a message from his friends...

"Hi Stick and everyone else!

I was going to wait until you finished tour before I gave you another update but the lawyer for Luis just told me that the appeal was successful. In the coming days Luis should be released from Bellavista Prison and be granted house arrest - from there he can contest his innocence with dignity and relative comfort now that his life is out of danger from being inside one of the worlds most violent and overcrowded prisons.

Just so you guys are aware of the impact of your decision to help Luis i'll tell you something Pamela told me a month or so ago before you guys started raising money - that once the money the punks of medellin had initially raised for Luis had run out and Luis had started a line of credit with the incredibly expensive contraband prison store, apparently when Luis was running late on his debts and unable to pay that money back, the people who ran the store sent out a message that they were going to kill him (as they threaten everyone who can't settle their debts)

Luis told Pamela's husband that he wanted to give up and kill himself, and then in a nick of time you guys came along and gave him hope, gave him a lifeline.

Now that Luis will be under house arrest, its cheaper to buy food outside the prison (ridiculous by Australian / UK standards) and he has a much more accessible support network to help him, so you guys can probably stop more orders coming in on the bandcamp fundraiser. I'm trying to organize someone to take photos of Luis the moment he gets out of prison, and will send you them as soon as it gets to me.

Meanwhile, i hope you guys have an amazing end to the rest of your world tour, confident that if you were ever to come and play in Colombia, that you would all be welcomed as heroes in the heartland of latin american punk rock.

Jake Ling"

February 2014

Just out on band-camp Re-Mastered Police Bastard EP. Benefit for:

Only £1 (or more if you can), with bonus track.

Please give generously!

January 2014


^ click on image ^

December 2013

The Vinyl is OUT!


Now waiting for the shop to be updated.

CD’s due to be delivered in January.

November 2013

Hopefully the re-done test pressings will arrive next week and the problems will be sorted. Fingers crossed...

Cheers to everyone who came to see us in Spain, Portugal & France...some great gigs.

September 2013

The album & artwork has been sent to be waiting for the test pressings to arrive. Posters ordered. Fingers crossed it’ll all be ready the tour next month!

August 2013

Final stages of new album coming together. Next up backing vocals this week, final mastering, then onto album artwork. Exciting times....

June 2013

Slow progress on our new Album this space.

May 2013

OUT NOW: Moshpit Tragedy “25 Years of Crust” Sampler Album Download...

"25 Years of Crust" is a career-spanning collection of DOOM songs, hand picked by the band themselves. It includes songs from their first record all the way up to their upcoming album "Corrupt Fucking System" (to be released summer 2013 on the band's own Black Cloud Records, check out the song"Stripped, Whipped & Crucified, Part I").

April 2013

Thanks to everyone who made our tour of Canada a success & for the experience in Mexico. Cheers all.

We now plan to continue with the album recording...

March 2013

Available now...

”A New World In Our Hearts” compilation benefit for Freedom Books featuring a NEW EXCLUSIVE DOOM track “Fahrenheit 451”.

Click to download here...

February 2013

Next gigs...

DOOM will be coming over to do a tour of Canada this spring. Their first ever shows in Canada. Please spread the word!!!!

They will be stopping by Obscene Extreme festival in Mexico City along the way.

Please help spread the word !!!!


29-30 Mexico City - Obscene Extreme


2- Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria

3- Victoria, BC @ Victoria Event Centre

4- Kamloops, BC @ Halston Pub

5- Calgary, AB @ Broken City w/ Dayglo Abortions

6- Edmonton, AB @ the Pawn Shop w/ Dayglo Abortions

7- Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos

8- Winnipeg, MN @ Negative Space

9- Halifax, NS @ Gus' Pub

10- St Johns, NFLD @ CBTBs

11- Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck

12- Ottawa, ON @ The Legion

13- Montreal, QC @ Katacombs

There will not be any shows in the US this time. So please do not ask.

If all goes well, we will have DOOM back in the states sooner rather then later.

Also, we are looking for shows in between Winnipeg and Toronto. If anyone knows any good contacts in Thunder Bay or Sudbury, or any where else out there please email us

greg @ crawlspacebooking . com

January 2013

Happy New Year!

Plenty planned so far this year. Namely Obscene Extreme Festival in Mexico at the end of March, followed by a tour of Canada.

We are also making plans to write & record our next full length album, starting next month.

November 2012

Cheers to everyone who came to see us on tour & special thanks to Agipunk, Mila & Simon........Also thank you for not smoking!!!

That concludes our gigs for a very busy 2012. See you in 2013.

There is now a new page on here which will list all our upcoming dates in 2013

2013 will hopefully be when we finally get time to right & record our new full-length album.

October 2012

Well. Its been a busy few weeks. Cheers to Voivod for sharing the stage with us for 4 dates!

Bristol Subvert Festival was a blast. Cheers to the Bastard Squad Collective.

Next up we tour Italy & South Eastern Europe...

September 2012

“Total Doom” has now be re-released on double gatefold vinyl on Svart Records

July 2012

July & August we play in Sweden & Finland. Gothenburg 27th

Puntala-Rock festival 28th, Lempäälä, Finland &

“Hygget” somewhere in a Swedish forest on Aug 3rd.

June 2012




Next up: A private party at the infamous “1in12 Club” with lots of friends. benefit for The 1in12 Club & TIA Greyhound Rescue.

We have also had the dates for our mini Euro tour in Oct confirmed:

April 2012

Wow. Great response at this years Roadburn Festival. Cheers to Walter, Voivod & everyone involved & all those that enjoyed us.

Next up DOOM in the TOON, May 11th...

Preston, May 12th...

Followed by, May 13th...


February 2012

January 2012

2012....25 years of Crust!

December 2011

The DOOM Web Shop is now ONLINE Just click on the link above.

November 2011

We have been invited by Voivod to play “Roadburn” Festival on April 13th 2012...

October 2011

Only 1 more gig left in 2011 this Sat in Leeds. Should be interesting. Also soon to be mixed and mastered are 2 covers recorded for the European release of the new EP.

The shop is STILL under construction (basically waiting for some professional help, as we have reached our DIY knowhow).

August 2011

Coming soon: Total Doom (Re-Mastered) re-release on Finnish label Svart Records & Agipunk are putting out a 2 x vinyl of old (Re-Mastered) tracks called "doomed again".

August 2011

Welcome to the DOOM website.

It’s still under construction and the shop is yet to be sorted.

So far this year DOOM have completed their 1st ever US tour, released a new EP, completed a short 3 date tour of Germany and also played in Sweden, Czech Republic & Croatia.

Next up is the Dublin “Filthfest”, Eindhoven “Bloodshed” & Leeds “Damnation fest”.

In the next few months DOOM will be starting to write songs for the new full length album, expected to be released on the band’s own label - BLACK CLOUD RECORDS sometime in 2012.

April 2011

DOOM have just recorded 3 new songs & re-recorded an older song for release as a limited edition 7” EP for release in the US to coincide with their debut US Tour (May 26th - April 4th)