July 2022

One Tory parasite (nearly gone). Much more still stinking up the place.

Also, old T-Shirt design reissued...

June 2022


May 2022


November 2021

1st Post-Pandemic tour announced...

June 2021

Don't fall for Herd Stupidity. Get yer jabs.

March 2021

Destroy The Monarchy

February 2021

WARNING: Political Punk Area.

If you don't like it, tough shit!

Obvs not much happening due to the Rona, which will be further compounded by stupid Brexit.

Stay safe.

Fuck The Tories.

Punch Nazis.

January 2021

HNY. Smash Fascism. Fuck conspiracy covidiots. Stay Safe

December 2020

Not much happening here at DOOM HQ, except witnessing the ongoing madness in the world...




September 2020

DOOM - Corrupt Fucking System

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies 
Part of 783punx pizza boxset series

Preorder starts now
Release date: 16.09.2020

"Sealed" 7 inch pizza box with all over artwork containing:
- backpatch with CFS artwork and text screenprinted on legendary Rozbrat Squat in Poland
- 8 pages booklet with lyrics and info printed on thick paper
- DOOM sticker
- 783punx sticker
- cassette tape with special UV full coverage on body print wrapped in handnumbered o-card

can be yours for £ AC.AB ;)


Listen / order:

Unboxing video:

Tape boxset # 1 / 100 can be yours and you can support very important cause!
DOOM wants to support Teenage Cancer Trust therefore handnumbered tape boxset #1 / 100 is going for auction
783punx will add free gift for the winner !
Put your bids ONLY as a comment under 783punx facebook post about this release / auction !!!  
We start from £15 and will last until 15th of September 10pm BST
Support the good fight and good luck !

Sanctus Propaganda have made an announcement  

Support 783punx

Support DOOM

August 2020

Not much happening here at DOOM HQ, except witnessing the ongoing madness in the world...




July 2020

  • "Overgrow to Overthrow" Bandcamp Compilation released.


  • Pre-Orders are now live for the "Pretentious Arseholes 7" Boxset on Sonarize/Agi-Punk Records.

June 2020

  • Thanks to your solidarity & generosity, so far we have donated over £300 to the International Anti-Fascist Defence fund.

Tomorrow (June 19th, 2020) we are releasing a re-mix of our tracks from the split EP with ELECTROZOMBIES on Bandcamp

This will include full re-mixes of:

"They Love(Fear) Death"

"Sandford Had A Vision" (Crucifucks) &

"Dig Your Own Grave" (Sacrilege): Featuring guest vocals by Tam Sacrilege!

PLUS a bonus new track "The Biggest Gang"

All proceeds will be donated to the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.


Tomorrow Bandcamp will be donating ALL profits to anti-racist organisations, so please pay as much as you can afford & also download our other releases while you are there!

No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA.

Support your local ANTIFA

May 2020

Stay Aware: Fuck the Tories

April 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all gigs have been cancelled/postponed until later in the year or 2021.

Stay safe, listen to the experts and STAY THE FUCK AT HOME!

March 2020

Our old friend at Flat Earth Records has just made everything available on Bandcamp...

All proceeds will go to help out the world infamous 1in12 Club, which is facing financial problems thanks to FCB (Feeble Capitalist Bastards), so please pay as much as you can afford to help em out!

Useful Links:


GDM Music

Warlord Clothing

Nightgaunt Graphics




Studio 1in12


The 1in12 Club




Antifascist Network







Hunt Saboteurs

International Anti Fascist Defence Fund